Experienced Representation To Defend Against Your Drug Charges

Many individuals in Milwaukee and throughout the state of Wisconsin who have been charged with a drug offense likely understand that they could face significant time and custody. The severity of such penalties will often depend on whether they are charged with a state or federal drug offense.

drugsPossession of a nominal amount of marijuana, for instance, is likely a state offense. Alternatively, a drug trafficking charge investigated by the DEA is a federal offense which carries significant penalities including mandatory prison time.

What individuals may not know, however, are the options or defense strategies available that could mitigate, or possibly remove, these circumstances—until they get help from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

That is where I come in.

Representing Clients in Milwaukee For Almost Three Decades

I am criminal defense lawyer Scott Wales and have been representing individuals against state and felony drug charges for almost three decades.

Whether you are facing charges relating to possession of a controlled substance, intent to deliver marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth or prescription drugs, such as OxyContin, I can help.

For example, law enforcement agents may not have had the requisite probable cause needed to search your vehicle or belongings, or they may have failed to issue your Miranda warnings properly if at all. Intentionally or otherwise, police officers make mistakes.It is my job as an experienced defense attorney to recognize those mistakes and where possible, utilitize them to your advantage.

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