Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney To Defend Against Crimes of Violence

Crimes of violence can span a wide range of situations. In some cases, it involves an altercation between a husband and wife. But, in the state of Wisconsin, domestic violence can also occur between family members, a girlfriend and boyfriend or other unmarried parties.

Whether the situation was an accident or unexpected incident, it is important for those facing this type of charge to understand that a domestic violence conviction in Wisconsin can carry far-reaching consequences (such as the prohibition against possessing a firearm for life).

It is extremely vital to obtain experienced defense counsel to help mitigate future repercussions.

Handling Your Domestic Violence Charge Without Judgment

violentIf you are facing a domestic abuse charge, I can help. I am criminal defense attorney Scott A. Wales and for over two decades I have assisted many individuals throughout Milwaukee County who were in your same situation.

I carry the experience to provide vigorous defense, but what really sets me apart can be summed up in one word: nonjudgmental.

I understand that domestic violence altercations can occur for a variety of reasons. When you come to me as your lawyer, my goal is to offer objective representation. I never judge nor criticize. My goal is to help obtain the best possible solution for your situation.

I also understand the sensitive nature of the circumstances and how it can be difficult to talk about to a stranger, especially when children are involved.

Rest assured, when you meet with me, you will be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of what transpired.

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