Assistance With DWI/DUI And Other Traffic Offenses

Many drivers have been pulled over for violating a traffic law. In some cases, the incident is minor; they pay the ticket and forget about the occurrence. But if the situation is more severe, often times there are both direct and indirect consequences. Fortunately, there are options.

If you have been pulled over or arrested for any traffic offense, I can analyze your situation and help you fight the charge.

Defense Against Traffic Citations

I am criminal defense attorney Scott Wales and for over 27 years, I have defended many individuals in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin against drunk driving and other traffic citations. I often assist with:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Traffic light and stop sign violations
  • Careless/reckless driving citations
  • Driving with a suspended/revoked driver's license

It may seem easier to simply pay the ticket, but as you likely realize repercussions occur when you receive the citation. For example, along with facing a hefty fine, a hike in your auto insurance rates is possible as well.

On the other hand, if the police officer violated certain laws and procedures, you may have a strong defense to what you have experienced.

Analyzing Your Drunk Driving Charge

duiIf you have been arrested for or are facing a Driving While Intoxicated, DWI or DUI charge—whether it's your first, second or third—there is much more at stake.

Possible jail time, significant fines and court costs, the revocation of your drivers license, as well as, potential loss of employment are among the long list of concerns that stem from your drunk driving charge. With over 27 years of experience, I can help mitigate the repercussions you face.

As a lawyer with specialized knowledge in this area, I will analyze the breath, blood, and/or roadside tests that were conducted, and whether the arresting officer violated your constitutional rights. In my experience, citations or charges have been dismissed when authorities failed to follow proper protocol.

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