Handling A Wide Range Of Criminal Matters

All too often, many people find themselves facing unsuspecting criminal charges.

An individual, for instance, who has never had a prior brush with the law is arrested for DUI. Someone is facing additional jail time for a suspected probation violation. Or maybe a person is charged with illegal use of a firearm.

These are all circumstances I have seen—and can help with.

My Milwaukee Criminal Defense Practice

I am attorney Scott Wales and at the Law Offices of Scott A. Wales, LLC, I offer criminal defense representation to individuals in Milwaukee County, the surrounding areas, and throughout Wisconsin, who are facing a myriad charges including:

I have represented clients for over 27 years, and am licensed to practice law in both Wisconsin and Illinois. I possess extensive courtroom experience in both states, and in federal court.

What Sets Me Apart From Other Defense Attorneys

Compassion: While it's true that my years of practical experience are extremely important to effectively representing my clients, compassion and understanding are what set me apart from other attorneys. For example, I never judge or criticize a person's circumstances. My job is to help find the best solution for my clients—regardless of the situation.

Tailored Representation: I also understand that each circumstance is different. I never apply a one-size-fits-all approach to my cases. I always tailor my methods based on what is best for my clients and what matters the most to them.

Whether you need a bulldog in the courtroom or a skillful negotiator without the need for litigation, I can help.

Contact My Office For An Experienced And Compassionate Review Of Your Case

Call 414-271-7670 or reach me online. My office is located next to both the Cathedral Square and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

I offer evening, weekend and jail visits. Credits cards and payment plans accepted.